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9/11/2001 HEROES REMEMBERED, Music Video + Lyrics with Ann M. Wolf
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Ann M Wolf
Published a year ago |
ABOUT VIDEO: Described by some as DEVASTATING, COMPELLING, SOUL-STIRRING, this video honors those who served, the many who gave all & the thousands more who also lost their lives during this shocking episode in America's history. Yet, during this most terrible time, our Nation came together as never before, to help one another through this crisis. We shared a common cause & vision; and we pray today, to return to that UNITY under LIBERTY once again.

NOTE FROM ANN M. WOLF: "Nine-Eleven 2001 remains a terrible day, yet the heroism of so many is beyond what can even be expressed...stunning. So many first-responders never hesitated, and gave ALL, while others who served and survived have had health problems, PTSD, and more forms of devastation that they have lived with since. I am grateful & humbled beyond words to even try to address the pure meaning of such a moment, when in the end, I am left speechless in having witnessed acts of pure love on the part of rescue teams and individuals. What's' more, is that there are unsung heroes all over the planet and throughout history who have done the same and quietly continue. Love Lives, when we are able to see it beyond the noise of this world and such sacrifices connects us all to the heavenlies."

THE FILM & IMAGES: Footage of the utter devastation along with additional images from different 9/11 Memorials take you there; the statistics leave you humbled & in awe of the losses and sacrifices made.

THE SONG: Ann's composition, "Blessed are the Ones," offers a soulful accompaniment to the unfolding story with soaring vocals and beautiful orchestration. This song is a track found on two of Ann's albums, one named after the song, "Blessed are the Ones, " and the second album is, "A Patriot's Heart, In God We Trust."

For Artist Information:

"Blessed Are the Ones" by Ann M. Wolf © 2012 - BMI - All rights reserved.

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