Humanitarian Organizations On The Chopping Block - Insights On World Events For September 2023
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An's work as a Coding Interpreter is completely unique. It blends over 50 different practices, beliefs, tools, modalities; and none of them are used in the traditional way. This allows her to have a unique perspective on things that are happening in our world and the experiences we are having. As a result, she is able to shed some light on the deeper layers of what is happening in our world; and the events that are playing out here on Earth. She not only looks at the events themselves; but the energy patterns that are within them. Understanding the world events and things that are happening in our world; allows us to operate with greater foresight, wisdom, and God alignment. It is through these pieces that we are able to adjust, shift, and change our course of action as a humanity. As we realize how we are being played and manipulated and the agendas that are in motion; then we are able to face the work that needs to be done. This allows us to open more possibilities and opportunites for ourselves. It is in understanding and embracing the truth; that we can come together, and move forward in ways that will benefit all of humanity. You can learn more about An's work at: An accepts gifts of appreciation at: She also offers free study sessions for The Code Journey work twice a month at: You can follow her on Facebook: or LinkedIn: Twitter: Gab: SafeChat: Clouthub: Parler: Backup Video Channels can be found at: BitChute: Brighteon:

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