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AN. MMS: Getting off meds and other addictive/toxic substances with Chlorine Dioxide. My "meds" Experience
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Molecular Medicines
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Published 4 years ago
I have read and listened to testimonials of people that have used MMS to help with getting off of addictive drugs (Link below for one on Heroine) and medications. I was about to quit using my antiseizure meds after 3 faithful and painful years of taking them. Here is my story and a little more info for anyone wanting to learn about it. My basic protocol was to do a protocol 1000 for a couple of days before I stopped taking them and a day or so after stopping. Then, I just tried to remember to take a couple of doses a day for the few days after. (I wasn't real dilligent on timing the dosages but the basic idea was to have regular MMS in me while I cleared out the meds chemicals after I stopped popping the pills.) Here's the link for the person who used it for heroine addicts to detox while getting off of it. Their basic protocol was 3/4 drop per hour during all waking hours. (You don't even taste it at that weak of a dosage).
Also, they did a 25-drop bath protocol.
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