Brighteon Broadcast News, Aug 7, 2023 - Demonic globalists go CRAZY trying to suppress these 14 POWERFUL TRUTHS (that will set you free)
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0:00 Intro


1:13:31 Interview with Robert Kiyosaki

- Anything the satanic globalists don't want you to know, they label it "disinformation"
- The TRUTH will destroy their control over humanity and set you free
- Key technologies have been deliberately withheld from humanity
- #Scarcity in food, energy, medicine and wealth is ENGINEERED to keep people enslaved
- God and Mother Nature have already created all the #naturalmedicine the world could ever need
- The media push #hate because they need people to live in fear, anger and violence rather than #prosperity and #peace
- The higher the #CO2 in the atmosphere, the MORE food grows around the world, ending hunger
- #Carbon sequestration is a #terraforming operation to induce global #famine
- The food supply is deliberately poisoned with #pesticides to keep you confused, sick and fearful
- You exist as a reflection of the power of God, and through voice + intention, you can "program" the cosmos in your favor
- Full interview with "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" author Robert Kiyosaki

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