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Chaos in Afghanistan: How the Lack of a Good Chicken Shawarma and a Pay Check Turned a Nation Over to the Taliban
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Published 2 months ago |
While researching my latest video something stuck out with me about how easily the Taliban took over Afghanistan and it was not until I saw and heard two things from three people that mad me conclude what a twenty year waste of time and LIFE the War in Afghanistan actually was. Back in 2017 Donald Trump told the World that the USA was pulling out of Afghanistan, but it was going to be controlled, Trump knew then that the Afghan Soldiers were not going to put up a resistance to the Taliban, but they were being paid well to act like soldiers. They were being fed and supplied with state of the art equipment and were given a pay check for their troubles. When Biden occupied the White House he soon saw what Trump had witnessed. Millions of dollars in a 'Money Pit' known as Afghanistan with a lame duck leader (President Ashraf Ghani) and an army of soft men with a glass jaw. The CIA leader said that they were fighting ready and would not fall to the Taliban and Biden himself said the 300,000 strong Afghan Army would be able to fight off the 75,000 strong Taliban forces. Both Biden and his rookie CIA director were wrong. Once Biden and the US Defense Department stopped feeding and cutting a pay check to the Afghan Professional Army they quit. Not only did they quit on their country they quit on the rest of the World. I agree that US, Canadian, United Kingdom, Australian, etc. troops should have been out of Afghanistan a long time ago, but the way that Joe Biden and his flimsy communist regime set out to remove the US Military Machine from Afghanistan in such a horrible, 'cut and run' way is just as bad as those 300,000 members of the Afghan Army quitting on their country by not even raising a hand to the nasty ass Taliban. Stay tuned to my wrap-up video of Joe Biden's decision to leave Afghanistan in a shambles video coming up.

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