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AMA Gives Doctors Guide On How To Lie & Why Are We In This Mess? (Hint: Rockefeller)
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Sources used in video:

AMA gives doctors guide on how to lie -

Right from the AMA site -

History of the AMA -

Rockefeller funded the American Cancer Society -

More on American Cancer Society -

Florida nurse destroys covid narrative -

What changed CNN? -

Why would you take a 3rd or 4th shot when first two didn't work -

You're not allowed to know what you have -

Georgia election fraud exposed, ballot trafficking -

Potatoheads regime in deep with china, won't let planes leave Afghanistan -

Abortion used for satanic ritual -

Entrust is owned by Goebbels grandkids -

Australian public service ad -

New drug 'Pfivermectin' -

Steve Inman -

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