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Self-reliance: The Foundation of Freedom
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The New American
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Published 4 months ago

The first waves of European settlers to Northern America were collections of religious nonconformists, entrepreneurs, ethnic minorities (such as the Scotch-Irish), and restless adventure seekers. One thing they had in common, though, was they wanted to be left alone to live life as they saw fit. And in order to forge a life out of a land with no governments, courts, schools, or police, they had to be self-reliant. It was the self-reliant mindset that spawned the freest society in the history of mankind.


Self-reliance is the foundation of freedom, and is necessary to restoring liberty in the United States of America. In this episode, we discuss topics regarding self-reliance that are covered in The New American’s latest collector’s edition bookazine, aptly titled Self Reliance: Foundation of Freedom. TNA executive senior editor Steve Bonta and online editor John Larabell join Paul Dragu for a discussion about the self-reliance of the Founders, financial self-reliance, self-reliance in a worst-case scenario, food and personal defense self-reliance, and why it’s important to the world that the United States be fully restored as the land of the free.

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