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Monopoly, Who Owns the World
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Published 2 years ago

Our enemies are multi triljonaires and billionaires, whose unlimited financial resources allow them to buy and deceive the whole world. If you want to see humanity liberated from their grip, then please support Stop World Control, so we can open the eyes of millions worldwide. Together we can do the impossible!

MONOPOLY by Tim Gielen - Who owns the world? [MUST SEE]


Documentary by Tim Gielen

The veil is lifted on the criminal network that owns and manipulates our world.
Monopoly reveals in a brilliant way how a small group of superrich people own everything in our world. They use their power and wealth to control governments, health organizations, the news media, and basically manipulate the entire world according to their plans. MONOPOLY shows what their agenda is, and what we can do to protect our lives, and build a better world.

Tim Gielen:
Download: https://stopworldcontrol.wetransfer.c...

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