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Woke is the Opposite of Enlightened -- Just Look at the Results
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Published 3 months ago |

Woke people claim to be the anointed and enlightened ones, mocking the hardscrabble work that immunizes participants engaging in physical labor, engineering, or risky adventure traveling from the mind virus of wokism. The Europeans kneel before the mighty Greta Thunberg, and her woke European green new deal policies, shut down nuclear plants, and are now in the midst of an energy crisis with winter coming. It's one of many policies of the woke that simply do not work in the real world, and yet they claim to be wiser and of superior intelligence, because they go into the subsidized universities, produce zero of value, besides recycled Marxist ideas meant to tear down Western Civilization. #woke #anti-woke #reality MY CHANNEL ON RUMBLE: , join me there. Link to $10 extra bitcoin when you buy $100: send bitcoin donations to: 3MAnRSTD38eGYF8Jb5yEjh3d2GcS5ZTADY cheers! YouTube is cesspool of censorship. Find me and subscribe on Rumble: Locals: Odysee: Facebook: Brighteon: Bitchute: for more

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