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Alex Collier - Question and Answer Webinar 36 - March 31, 2023
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Published a year ago

Alex hosted his 36th *LIVE* Question and Answer webinar on March 31, 2023. The webinar was just over two hours and 25 minutes in length. This webinar included a 11-minute monologue. Alex answered questions throughout the remainder of the webinar. Hosted by James Harkin from and the former radio host for Wolf Spirit Radio JayPee. Alex presented great insight into what is happening in this world and beyond.

In just over two hours and twenty-five minutes, Alex answered 24 questions. Some of the questions had multiple parts, so Alex spent time answering these questions thoroughly. Due to character limits in the description, here are the top 15 questions that have been paraphrased and as voted up by webinar attendees:

* How did the Grand Canyon form, and do you believe the Grand Canyon was a vast mining operation and the canyon's parts are off-limits because of artefacts and gold there?

* Can you go into more detail regarding using a personal banker and the birth certificate Cestui Qui Vie bond money?

* I lost many family members recently to blood clots and strokes. Will there be a plan in place soon from the White Hats?

* Do you still recommend people move 300 miles away from the coast?

* Have the underground facilities been destroyed, or will they be used for better purposes? Also, what happens to the maglev vehicles?

* With many countries choosing alternative currencies to trade in, does it mean that 'Operation Sandman' will cut the U.S. from international trade?

* Can we trust Elon Musk and Donald Trump?

* Is the actor or clone Joe Biden controlled by the Alliance or Deep State? What happened to the original Joe Biden since many different people are playing his part?

* If the benevolents are helping us, why didn't they help other civilizations in our galaxy when they imploded due to regressive ET interference?

* How do the Andromedans bring you aboard their mothership?

* There is more activity surrounding the Sun. Can you tell us what's happening?

* If collapse is inevitable, can we trade precious metals for things we need at stores or trade individually?

* Can you elaborate on how the Black League won the Orion Wars by evacuating the populations?

* Regarding our foreseeable mentoring from off-world entities, what might be their top three priorities for us to grasp and implement?

* What happens to people and clones due to DNA harvesting? Will the benevolents assist them?

* And Many More!

Funds from this video stream will be given to Alex Collier, and help us bring your Alex Collier regularly. Please do not miss this amazing opportunity to see Alex Collier on video stream and, of course, provide him with some income.

* The music in the trailer is just in the trailer and not the full webinar.

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