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BRICS | "It Is Going to Effect 90% of the Earth's Population. The U.S. Dollar Is Toast." - Robert Kiyosaki
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Learn How to Protect Your Wealth Against Inflation Today At:

BRICS | BRICS Bank President President Marcos Troyjo “BRICS Has Evolved to Really Promote Global Governance. It’s a Pleasure to Live In Shanghai. It’s One of the Most Dynamic Cities In the World.” - WATCH -

Who Are the BRICS Nations (41% of the Earth’s Population)?
South Africa
BRICS | Why Are ALL Central Banks Around the World Hoarding Gold NOW? | “Over the Last 3 Years They’ve Printed More Currency Than the Entire History of the United States Before It.” - WATCH -

Watch the Original November 5th 2022 Presentation by New Development Bank President President Marcos Troyjo On China Global Television Network - WATCH -
Why Are the BRICS Nations Discussing Introduction Of Single Currency To Ease Trade?

Would the Introduction of a China-Lead New Gold-Backed BRICS Currency Cause the Collapse of the U.S. Dollar? Watch the Original August 19th 2022 Broadcast from Glenn Beck:

Why Did the United States Sell 136 Tons of Gold to China? | Has the De-Dollarization Begun? - WATCH -

Why Did China Urge The West To Read The New 14th BRICS Summit Declaration Carefully? READ –

BRICS | Is OPEC Aligning with Russia? | What Happens to the Petrodollar without Saudi Arabia? - WATCH -

Why Are Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Nigeria, Venezuela, Algeria, Turkey and Argentina Seeking to Join BRICS? - Watch This Full Length August 30th Video Today At:

Why Are the BRICS Nations Discussing Introduction of a Single Currency to Ease Trade? - READ –

BRICS | Why Is Russia Announceing Creation of a New Global Reserve Currency? | "A New Financial Order Is In the Making As an Alternative to the U.S. Dollar." - WATCH -

What Would a BRICS Currency Do to the Value of the U.S. Petro-Dollar?

BRICS: Who Are They and Why Are They a Threat to the US?

Why Is Egypt Trying to Wean Itself Off of the U.S. Dollar?

Why Are the BRICS Nations Planning to Create a New International Reserve Currency?

BRICS | Will the BRICS Nations Soon Introduce a New Gold-Backed World Reserve Currency? - WATCH -

Why Did the Best-Selling Author of the Rich Dad Poor Dad book series Robert Kiyosaki Say, “US Dollar Is Toast?” After Citing Saudi Arabia's Request to Join BRICS - READ -

Will BRICS End the Economic Dominance of the United States? - READ -

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