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Aila Wang: An Illegal CCP Covid Lab Discovered in California… Turns Out Our Government Funded It
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Published 4 months ago

Aila Wang is a part of the New Federal State of China founded by Miles Guo and Steve Bannon. She joins this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show to discuss a wide variety of topics related to the Chinese Communist Party.

It’s recently been discovered that there’s a CCP covid lab in California. While that’s shocking, what’s even worse is that our own government funded it with our taxpayer dollars.

What’s important to understand, according to Wang, is that 99% of the Chinese people just want to be free, but they’ve been essentially kidnapped by the Chinese Communist Party and persecuting them horrendously. Unfortunately, the American government and Big Corporations have largely turned a blind eye to this atrocity that includes having concentration camps and even organ harvesting. Just follow the money, and you’ll see why so many influential people choose to stay silent about these human rights violations.

However, we have seen the New Federal State of China gain ground and receive support from some politicians and more influential people. The freedom movement is gaining ground, but now it comes down to needing to completely cut off all ties from the CCP.

One of the things that we can each do is stop buying products made in China. Our businesses need to do the same. Our government needs to enforce sanctions and cut all ties with the CCP until China can be reformed… and that includes economic ties and our trade agreements.

For more information on the New Federal State of China and their mission, please visit

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