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The David Knight Show (13Feb20 Full Show)
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— 00:13:58 Military Times reports Joint Chiefs & Sec Def have issued an executive order for military to prep for “isolation, quarantine, restriction of movement and community based intervention”

— 00:19:19 Cruise ship refused port by 5 different countries because it was in Hong Kong for 1 day (no one has coronavirus) returns home after 2 weeks and other fear mongering that’s petered out

— 00:34:51 CDC powerless to stop a pandemic.  In will likely make things worse as FEMA does

— 00:41:50 “Reported” cases of coronavirus explode after China says call it coronavirus without a test or even if the test is negative

— 01:04:49 jump on board with UN climate change demand to plant a TRILLION TREES even though public doesn’t believe it’s a problem…carbon, carbon, carbon, blah, blah, blah

— 01:17:06 “Moderate Democrats” Klobuchar calls for gun confiscation, Biden calls for military to be used against gunners

— 01:23:41 If Biden thinks he can conquer Americans, he should pay attention to Rand Paul’s hearing on the US failure in Afghanistan

— 01:37:42 More radical Democrat proposals

— 01:46:06 Another juror in Roger Stone trial speaks out as Roger himself is still gagged.  She was a political operative who had tweeted against Roger before being picked as the judge stacked the jury

— 01:55:21 Democrats pivot to impeachment again, trying to use Roger Stone again

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