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The FLOE Show 2 – FDA approval of the non-vaxxines; graphene oxide & its connection to 5G & technocracy
Published 3 years ago
CLAIRE EDWARDS, former UN staffer, campaigner For Life on Earth. My website is available at ForLifeonEarth: for more information on my work:

RACHAEL L. McINTOSH, author / artist / politically unaffiliated candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Rhode Island.
Shadow Citizen:
Twitter: @ShadowCitizen1
Twitter @EntropyPress
The Rhode Island Geoengineering Act:

JOLIE DIANE, researcher and advocate for environmental protection and public health and safety:


The vaxxines are still in open clinical trials: Insights into the European public data on conditional marketing authorisations for the four COVID-19 vaccines (30 March 2021):

Dr Mike Yeadon's & Dr Meryl Nass response to the FDA approval:
FDA “approval letter”:

On the legality of a mandatory Covid vaccination:

Fierce Pharma: Moderna locks up Spikevax name in Europe, joins Pfizer's Comirnaty in wait for official brand approval in U.S.

FDA “approval letter”:

Rest in peace:

Biotech analyst says FDA approval is checkmate for Pfizer, 25.8.21:

France: Criminal Complaint on "Vaccines" (= gene therapy) - Association Réaction 19, 16.12.20:

French study: the vaxxed are magnetic!:

FDA authorizes REGEN-COV monoclonal antibody therapy for post-exposure prophylaxis (prevention) for COVID-19:

Paramedic uses meter to measure emissions from vaxxed people & explains many things, 30.6.21:

Graphene oxide in all vaccines makes the vaccinated walking time bombs:

Stew Peters & Dr. Jane Ruby: German doctors examine blood & vials: horrific, 18.8.21:

Crystalline structures form in Pfizer Comirnaty vaxxine, 9.8.21:

Notes: Cathode-Anode-Cathode structure found in AstraZeneca vaccination vial, 24.8.21:

Dr. Young reveals graphene, aluminium, LNP capsids, parasite in 4 vaxxines, 27.8.21:
Swiss university finds AstraZeneca vaxxine two thirds contaminated, June 2021:

Japan suspends 1.6 million doses of Moderna vaxxine after reports of metal [magnetic] contamination, 26.8.21:

Vaxxine vials 99% graphene oxide to work with 5G, 11.7.21:

Dr Charles Hoffe talks long-term effects of the vaxxines: blood clots, death in 3 years, 15.7.21:

Doctor explains "shedding" or transmission from vaxxenated to unvaxxenated, 27.5.21:;t=2s

The American States Assemblies:

Common Law:;;

For more referencies, please see here:
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