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Willing Enforcers - FBI Entrapment - Traitors & Treason Exposed. It Ends in 2022! pt 2
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Published 6 months ago |
Part II
Willing Enforcers Break their Oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, and possibly why and The People must Demand Answers to the question in 2022!

Video - Arrested for not showing his COVID papers
We The People? Or Communism? Our choice.
Our Rights come from God, so why isn’t the U.S. Military giving Religious Exemptions?
Purging Americans values. We should not have to ask for our rights in this country: correct!

Entrapment is illegal!
Michigan Gov. Whitmore Kidnapping Case is Falling Apart.
Are these Militia Men or FBI stooges? Could the plot happen without the FBI involvement, the only people that tried to kidnap Gov. Whitmore were Chris Wray’s FBI!

The average citizen would be blown away over how many times this occurs and has occurred over the history of the FBI.

Now let’s take a look at the ultimate contradictions We The People face that must be stopped immediately from NYC and then from Boston Massachusetts that have implemented Covid Vax passports just to be able to eat in a restaurant. First NYC small business owner of Rocco’s Pastry Shops. Mandates decimating small businesses. It was Inhumane, and police stood there and watched an unvaxed child being thrown out of restaurant. New Mayor will not save her.

Omicron insanity, Boston policewoman and husband
Would you enforce Mayor Wu’s Covid Vax Pass Mandate?

So we have looked back at treason and sedition by members of our own government when it comes to Communist China using the virus as an excuse, the unconstitutional arresting of Americans by Puppets claiming to be law enforcement when no Federal or State Legislature has passed any laws to legitimize any of the mandates, and even entrapment possibly to convolute opinion in an upcoming election, so how far will the enemies of the state go to cover up their crimes and attempt to. Maintain their power and control over free people in the U.S. and around the globe?

... to take control of the world, the U.S. must be destroyed or be compliant with the takeover. What better way to achieve that goal than by invading the U.S. Border with people who have no loyalty to the U.S. or the understanding of Constitutional Freedoms many take for granted in the U.S.?

Wide Open Border approx. 2.5 Million Illegals have entered into Our Country - Biden Policies were planned, and violated Federal Law! Crimes, Drugs, Border Agents cannot do their jobs.

Another clip - stop flying illegals all over our country under the cover of darkness with our tax money. No notification to state or local governments. Politics? Maybe. Drugs - HHS is not required to do this. Covid tested. Criminal Records?

The flights are approved by ICE, paper trails don’t lie.

A lot is scheduled to take place over the next 30 or more days that cannot be hidden from public view. Everything from Mandates, U.S. Supreme court cases to be heard on Jan 7th (Don’t hold your breath), political speeches on April 6th this week (By Biden and Trump), to Truckers who are no longer delivering or picking up freight of needed goods that cross over the U.S. Canadian Border due to Covid pass restrictions which will cause even more shortages.

We welcome the New Year of 2022, what is clear is the Truth and Reality of what is taking place will begin to adversely affect enough people in the U.S. and the World and I believe Americans and free people from around the globe will have had enough and force accountability of governments! I still have faith that the American people will take A Stand for their freedom and the rest of the Free World to intensify their protests as governments become more oppressive. The amount of pain and suffering to restore Freedom and Liberty, which has been lost in far too many areas of the nation and the world, will depend on the number of “Willing Enforcers” that will obey the orders of the oppressors and the number of those who will reject the tyrannical orders. Either way 2022 will be the year of We The People!
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