Why a Brazilian Immigrant Stands Up for America | Wagner Nolasco
1 view • 09/27/2022

Wagner Nolasco, a Brazilian real-estate investor and developer, achieved financial freedom in the United States. Despite an often gloomy outlook from many commentators, Nolasco argues the United States remains the most prosperous country. For him, US citizens should praise and protect freedom and those institutions that have created economic opportunities and wealth. 

Nolasco foresees that inflation will continue to rise in the United States in the mid-term, but he discards hyperinflation. For him, gold, silver, and real estate are good assets to protect wealth in these troubled times. He also believes that even if borrowing rates have increased, getting a house is still a good deal. 

Michael Konnert, director and CEO of Vizsla Silver (TSXV: VZLA | NYSE: VZLA), discusses the firm’s discovery of the Copala Vein in their Panuco project in Mexico and its subsequent drilling results in the Inventa Capital segment.

Show notes: https://goldnewsletter.com/podcast/why-brazilian-stands-up-for-america/

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