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Here is the story:

In a tragic incident in city ​​of Chelyabinsk (Russia), a man disguised as the ‘Santa Claus’ or Russian Santa Claus, died after falling from a balcony at a Christmas show. Video of the event has circulated widely on social media, showing the man, an as-yet-unidentified professional climber, confusing the ropes and falling from a 24-story building in front of a crowd, including children, who initially believed it was part of the act.

The climber, between 25 and 35 years old, was holding a presentation for gathered families around the city Christmas tree. Despite the tragedy, witnesses initially They thought the fall was part of the show. “My son didn’t understand anything,” said one of the witnesses. The shocking images perplexed those who witnessed the fateful moment.

Confusion and shock took over those present, as many believed the fallen man was a doll or part of a prank. It was confirmed that the climber’s wife and son were also present during the incident.

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