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PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE at POW MIA Event at Aviation Museum
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Ann M Wolf
Published 7 months ago |
December 28th is Pledge of Allegiance Day! WATCH Pledge of Allegiance Ceremony at the POW/MIA event "The Ride Home," plus see beautiful images from the AVIATION MUSEUM in Warner Robins, Georgia. Learn about the history of our profound Pledge and consider more ways that you can help perpetuate freedom in your community.

Film compilation is by Ann M. Wolf
Opening Pledge of Allegiance is by Ann M. Wolf

Special thanks to Honor-Release-Return, for their years of tireless service
on behalf of POW/MIA families & Liberty itself.

Special thanks to the keepers of the Aviation Museum in Warner Robins, Georgia, for their work in the preservation of important history.

Images are by Ann M. Wolf, in the public domain, or by license, all under fair use, as applied to free documentaries.

Student’s image was taken in 1892 by Jacob Riis at the Mott St Industrial School, NY

Longley, Robert. "A Brief History of the Pledge of Allegiance." ThoughtCo, Feb. 16

Image of Abraham Lincoln is by Mark Thomas.

Pledge teacher clips are by Rodnae Productions/Pexels.

This human-interest film is not for sale but available to embed or stream
from any of Ann’s official video platforms, for the purpose of education and inspiration.

Background music is “Aloya” by Tea K Pea/ FMA

Ann’s original works are under copyright protection.

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