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The Coronavirus Trajectory Has Spun Out Of Control
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Published 4 months ago |
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The level of calamity we are facing due to the half measures by states like California to handle the Coronavirus outbreak is enough for any half conscious person to scramble to get their bug out survival gear ready. As the CDC in Northern California took 4 days to test someone who proved positive for Coranvirus of unknown origin. What we are witnessing is sloppy and lackadaisical in the extreme. And those bug out bags could suffer as a face mask shortage of standard surgical masks and even n95 respirators is already in full swing.

Add to that, no one with the power to face the reality and prepare for the man made nature of this Frankenstein Coranavirus are willing to at the very least face it head on as the virus is reinfecting those who had been cured. Meanwhile, the Democrats in true anti American fervor are turning this nightmare into a partisan knife in the Trump Administration's back.

And as school closures become more frequent, and the pace of total incompetence reaches a fever pitch as the potential number of 65 million deaths becomes more prevalent. The Gates Foundation and their partners in Big Pharma wait in the wings with their offering of the ID2020 Alliance and its goal to microchip everyone on earth as the window of opportunity to push free and mandatory vaccinations upon the populace opens up.

Don’t forget, boosting your immune system during a crisis is just as important as storable food! Don't wait until it's all gone!

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