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Fat Busting the Obesity Pandemic via the Croissant Diet w/ Brad Marshall
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Sol Luckman Uncensored
Published 3 months ago |

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🥐 Today, Conversations on Sol Luckman Uncensored welcomes Brad Marshall, creator of the Croissant Diet. Yes, you read that correctly. Stay tuned because this new understanding of fats and accompanying approach to diet could literally transform your body and life.

🍽 Brad’s work radically recontextualizes current dietary fads, including keto, paleo and carnivore diets, within a framework of established nutritional concepts inspired by French culinary traditions.

🍩 Brad’s groundbreaking “ROS Theory of Obesity,” elaborated on his blog at, posits that ROS—or reactive oxygen species—generation in fat cell mitochondria explains how a Chinese peasant diet (low in fat with most of its calories from starch), a French diet of butter, wine and flour and a contemporary keto regime all can lead to leanness, whereas mixing flour and polyunsaturated fats is literally a recipe for obesity.

👊 The inspiration behind this groundbreaking theory stems from the blog Hyperlipid ( Brad puts this hypothesis to the test with the Croissant Diet, and the results are pretty mind-blowing.

🥓 Brad is also founder of Firebrand Meats (, dedicated to providing pork and poultry low in linoleic acid, the n6 polyunsaturated fat (or PUFA) that has contributed to the global obesity pandemic.

🧀 Brad has a degree in genetics from Cornell as well as a certificate from the French Culinary Institute. For the last 15 years, he has raised rotationally grazed pastured pork on his farm in upstate New York while running a butcher shop, local food restaurant and USDA inspected meat processing facility. Talk about a Renaissance Man.


💣 The ROS Theory of Obesity

💣 Introducing the Croissant Diet


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