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Responsibility for alarming number of COVID VACCINE DEATHS & INJURIES
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Published 3 years ago
Trust the Plan!

I am tired of hearing how this person is going to come back and save us. I point you to the book "The Last President", the fact that the White House has been "permanently closed". The military or some behind the scene group is running the country (United Nations?). I think he followed the plan all right and I think their plan was successful. If people start dropping like flies in the next 6 or so months, we will be assured of the fact we were royally screwed.

Trump certainly has to bear some of the blame for the alarming number of deaths and injuries related to the Covid vaccine, and his warp speed operation. Trump should have seen it coming and protected the people from it, with many folks at the time exposing the hoax.

Doctors, who ended up being ignored by the president, and getting banned on social media; Trump should have put an end with those state and city shutdowns, with stiff penalties and arrests if necessary, for any politicians and businesses going against constitutional rights.

Fake news networks should have been criminally charged for their treason, and intentionally misleading the population, and encouraging a huge panic hysteria, with false numbers from unreliable tests and fraudulent death certificates, many later revised, when investigators started to verify real causes of deaths.

Once you get off the naive left versus right narrative, and the usual political bandwagon fanaticism, for people, the choice is very clear, between trusting your own God given natural immunity system with a 99.7% success rate against Covid-19, or an experimental, very dangerous vaccine with only an alleged 95% success rate but is turning out to be completely false as people who have been vaccinated that are filing up hospitals and dying.

He fooled me in 2016. I did not vote in 2020. I have stopped all encouragement of criminals. Voting is a fraud like everything else. It does not matter. The end result is the same.

Barry and Big Mike, Bill and Hildabeast and George still running free? Gitmo? Sealed indictments? Stolen Election? Telling patriots not to storm the capital? Seriously? Its over. We lost.

- Jim Crenshaw/RenaudBe

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Commentary - RenaudBe/Jim Crenshaw
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