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Simple little challenge: Sunrise Sunset Repeat
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Erin Chamerlik -Natural Health
Published 9 months ago |
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"The first step is to watch the sunrise every day.
That light gives you all of the code you need to coordinate your mitochondria or batteries that make your energy. Sunrise and sunset alone will do a lot of good. And don’t worry-- you can’t burn at that time.

Each night when you get into deep sleep, you perform a process called autophagy. When you perform autophagy, you clean yourself. It needs to happen every night, night after night.

In the mornings, even if it is cloudy, you can still get the light that you need to tell your brain to get started for the day. No windows, no glasses, no contacts. The signals you need to put your melatonin (which is your sleep hormone) away.
You cleaned yourself at night when you were totally paralyzed in deep sleep, not using energy for anything other than storing memories or making your nerves capture the memories from the day. Your melatonin was the signal for you to fall asleep, and we turn it off as the sun rises. Sunrise is one of the most important things you can do if you struggle with sleep.

Much of what I talk about is quantum mechanics. There are 86,400 seconds in the day. Each day you can take 10-15 of those seconds to change 1 thing. It might just be opening your window in the morning, or rolling down your car window when driving your kids to school, or arriving at your job 5 minutes earlier to sit in the parking lot to watch the sunrise. All of the little details give rise to the symphony of your life.. You have little tiny particles inside of you. Tiny, subatomic particles oscillating or vibrating inside and outside of the field of energy called the Higgs field. It’s ok if you’ve never heard of this. But it is there, and it permeates every little space inside of you and you take instructions from the electromagnetic field or sunlight.
So, use your 86,400 seconds of each day wisely and start to change every single tiny thing. Start with baby steps. Crawl, walk, run.
The more the information comes around, the more you learn-- So keep coming back for more.
If you want knowledge for yourself, you have to own it. You have to study. If you heal yourselves and your brains, you can learn whatever you need to learn.
What you have to do? There is no magic bullet to fix you.
There are no magic bullets.
You are made up of mitochondria (batteries) and genetics or DNA code.
This is what modern medicine misses.
Mitochondria take information from 1. Oxygen, 2. Food, and 3. Sunlight.
If you just start to think about those three things, it will help.
For food: you are born with a life switch to maximize your energy production. It’s called ketosis.

The sun and darkness are the instructions for your energy and sleep.
Why? Because your skin directs your immune traffic by the instruction from the sun via your eyes and skin.

Ultimately, when you fix these 3 inputs or what I call switches, you improve your hormone function, improve your energy, clean out the plaque in your neurons which improves your memory, and remove the plaque from your vessels.
Then the brain will wake up..."
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