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High Society: Does Legalizing Marijuana Reduce Crime?
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Published 4 months ago |
Many today are promoting the legalization of marijuana. One of their salient arguments is that legalization will be a blow against organized crime. Is this really the case? Many in the medical community, as articulated on the Government of Canada website and by the Canadian Medical Association, is that marijuana is a dangerous drug, with a host of serious, lasting and in some cases debilitating side effects.

You've likely heard the argument that legalizing marijuana will reduce crime. The position is put forward that legalizing marijuana would reduce contact of users with the criminal element and hence lesson the likelihood of contact with more serious drugs. While it is obvious that legalizing marijuana would cause a drop in the crime rate (making anything that is currently illegal and making it legal would reduce crime), it does not mean that the remaining illegal drug trade would be significantly harmed.

According to a University of Ottawa study, marijuana is used by at lead 2.3 million Canadians. Nearly a quarter million of these users are between the ages of 12 to 17 years old. Yet, despite easier availability and decreased risk of prosecution, the consumption of even more damaging drugs is increasing.

Research and common sense demonstrate that legalization of marijuana will increase, not decrease, drug crime and the results of drug abuse. Legalizing ways to escape reality only result in a weaker and more violent society, where the only hope seems to be getting high.

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