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☆ THE COMING ATTACK: Chinese and Russian invasion routes in Mexico exposed ☆ HUMINT ☆ The Backman Brief with Alex Backman
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Published 2 years ago

It's time for The Backman Brief with Alex Backman -

Unbeknown to most Americans, the Chinese military has been advancing its plans to invade the United States of America in an alliance with Russia, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Mexico. The latter is being used as a necessary piece to conduct a land invasion from south of the border. With that in mind, investigative journalist, Alex Backman, decided to drive and see it for himself, a fully paved concrete corridor that is in total abandonment by all levels of government in Mexico. A fully-paved concrete highway that neither the Federal, State, or local governments of Baja California nor Mexico want to take any responsibility of. It is called Boulevard 2000 (bulevár dos mil in Spanish), also known now as one of the most dangerous and abandoned roads in northwestern Mexico. It stems from Popotla, south of Rosarito Beach to Otay, in the outskirts of eastern Tijuana. The reason for this and other highways in Central Mexico is to connect the Chinses-controlled seaports of Ensenada, Mazatlan, Lazar Cardenas, Acapulco and Veracruz to invasion hubs that eventually lead to the border with the US.

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