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8 views • 06/08/2020
Dr. Rashid Buttar is a true patriot. While medical professionals are scrambling to maintain their patients and their incomes, Dr. Buttar has been using his medical training to bring to light all the people who are just "following orders," without any thought.

The media (trusted sources) are brainwashing people with what they spew. This doctor and many others are being censored. We are all being censored by social media.

THIS IS SHOCKING: If you look up the symptoms of radiation poisoning you will find a near identical match to Covid-19. Wifi is in exact same radio frequency range as radar (MIC) and radar ovens. Unlike the protections of metal screens embedded in the windows of radar ranges, cell phones and wifi broadcasting devices come with NO GUARDS. It is being absorbed by the bodies. If wifi finds its way through walls, you can be sure, it has been through you a few thousand times. It is untested technology. In addition to electrification occurring at the time of the Spanish Flu, there were thousands of amateur ham radio operators experimenting with radio waves. When WWI broke out, everyone but the Military Industrial Complex was allowed to use radio waves and didn't I read that more soldiers died on the ships from the flu than were lost in battle. Someone's figured it out to a very nefarious end.

It is striking that we have no medical professionals that are proficient in the effects of constant bombardment of radar frequency electromagnetic waves. It is also appalling that EVALI, the CDC's code for a deadly disease caused by vaping has not been addressed in the media even though it would be hard to pinpoint which disease a patient was suffering from when a patient presents with a fever, nausea and vomiting, shortness of breath and headaches.

My partner lost a close friend to both lung and brain cancer. He was an avid cell phone user the last 10 years of his life. We know the cause of death.
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