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Do We Need MORE Conservative Media to Counter the RINO Shills?
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JD Rucker
Published 3 months ago |
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How many conservative Americans are still watching Sean Hannity thinking that he represents them? It's shocking that he and other Fox News hosts still have such large audiences considering they are, at best, controlled opposition. Outside of Tucker Carlson, the personalities at Fox News rate somewhere on the "RINO Shill" scale ranging from full-blown Uniparty Swamp spokespersons like Hannity to on-again, off-again conservatives like Laura Ingraham.

It isn't just them. Talk radio was once a bastion of American First thought. Lately, it seems that far too many "conservative" show hosts have been echoing the Republican Establishment talking points and opposing America First patriots for the sake of keeping the status quo. We're seeing that play out in real time during the Speaker of the House battle in Congress as "Team McCarthy" keeps calling on his patriotic opposition to stand down.

On today's episode of The JD Rucker Political Report, I focused on several issues that are being manhandled by conservative media, including the radio silence from right-leaning journalists regarding the stolen elections in Arizona. I also covered 12 things we need to watch in 2023 among other important topics. But the main focus throughout the show was whether or not I should add a new radio-only daily show to run on America Out Loud.

We do well on Rumble, Brighteon, Bitchute, Substack, and other venues but there's a distinct need for talk radio to expand. By doing a separate show without video, I'll be able to address issues in a different way. The medium is not dead despite many claiming it is, especially with podcast networks helping to amplify both terrestrial and digital radio shows. That's why I want people to chime in. Let me know if this is a good idea.

As editor at The Liberty Daily, I go through news feeds that include over 250 conservative and alternative news sources. I read every headline and tons of stories every day. This gives me a unique insight into the conservative media zeitgeist and I must admit I haven't been impressed lately. While we have 10 million visitors a month at TLD, I still want to do much more. That's why I also launched Discern Report. The Liberty Daily is the "conservative alternative to Drudge Report." Discern Report is more like Revolver News, where Darren Beattie does a fabulous job with fewer stories than TLD. Both styles are desperately needed and more Americans need to access them.

By going with a radio-only show on top of my regular daily show, I'll hopefully be better able to break into more terrestrial radio stations. We are currently negotiating to put the show on three stations in Tennessee as well as one in northern California. Whether it's me or someone else, the old guard of conservative media needs to be replaced for the most part. Far too many American First patriots are still stuck with too few choices. They're forced to take in lukewarm conservativism from bombastic news outlets that are somehow able to be loud and milquetoast simultaneously. We need more voices, and I'm willing to volunteer mine.

Please let me know what you think. If enough people call for it, we'll do it.

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