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Health Food: Grain, Bread, chicken FeedCO-OP PEOPLE August 31, 2021

by Margie Wuebker

Chris Bihn is a born educator, and while he may have left the classroom, he’s more committed than ever to teaching. These days, his lesson plans involve the production of nutrient-rich and easily digestible food through an innovative process of crushing grain.

Bihn, a former high school teacher and a member of St. Marys-based Midwest Electric, heads a family business known as Our Fathers Food, which uses a patented technique for preparing organic grain and seed for human consumption that yields unlimited shelf life without chemicals, preservatives, enrichments, or nutrient loss.

Chris’ father, John Bihn, used a background in tool-and-die-making, farming, and engineering to design and build the Bihn Incremental Crusher. He received a patent for the machine in 2014, as well as a patent for the actual grain-crushing process three years later. The process is quite different from traditional flour milling, so the younger Bihn often makes it his mission to educate the public about its benefits.

He says the innovative technique leaves cells in grains like wheat, corn, oats, flax, buckwheat, and quinoa unbroken — leaving the natural plant oils in the germ unexposed to oxidation and the nutrient breakdown that comes from it.

No Chemicals, No Preservatives, No Enrichments

Since we do NOT destroy cells in the grain while crushing, we have no need to add anything to our Crushed Grains.

There is 100% natural nutrition in Crushed Grains and NO manmade or synthetic nutrition. Your body knows how to use 100% of natural nutrition!

At Our Fathers Foods our main goal is to help people get and stay healthy. We have helped many people regain good health, but also have many people eating our products because they do not want their health to deteriorate. We not only feed people, we NOURISH people.

Crushed Wheat

People that can no longer eat processed white flour love our Crushed Wheat because it allows them to eat wheat again, especially people with gluten intolerance and Type 2 diabetes. Our Crushed Wheat #1 is a 1:1 replacement of processed white flour. So you can use all the recipes you already love and replace the processed white flour with Crushed Wheat #1 to get more health in your food! We also have Crushed Wheat #2 that can be used to replace processed white flour and also makes a good breading. Crushed Wheat #3 and #4 make for delicious and nutritious hot cereals in the morning.

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