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(ENHANCED AUDIO & FPS) (RE-UPLOAD) A Drastic Improvement on the Previous Upload to This Channel.
Author and researcher Ole Dammegard shares details from his on site investigation in Oslo and Utoya Island, Norway of the false flag operation involving a coordinated high level CIA-Mossad false flag ops team who on July 22, 2011 used remote neural mind controlled patsy Anders Behring Breivik to carry out a Directed Energy Weapons attack against a major government building in Oslo Center followed by a police shooter execution of 69-86 Social Democrat youths gathered at a summer camp at Utoya Island near Oslo, as part of a ritual sacrifice in which Norwegian Prime Minister (now head of NATO) and Social Democrat party officials participated as capstone mind control false flag figures. Ole relays to us his research and experience into one of the biggest events in 2011, the Terror Attacks of Norway, which shocked a nation and led the Norwegian government from signalling to a withdraw from NATO to becoming an honorary NATO member. Discussion includes the bomb blasts in Oslo and the discrepancies regarding the media photos while looking at what happened and more importantly what didn’t happen. We then move our discussion to the island of Utøya where 69 youth were shot with impunity while teenagers valiantly and fruitlessly tried to contact the authorities. Ole explains the intricate connection of the Bilderbergers within Norway and NATO and the connections to Utøya island along with the connection of Gro Harlem Brundtland, a Bilderberger and the author of Agenda 21.

Ole Dammegard exposes 2011 Norway false flag as 2-5 police shooters kill 69-86 youths. Bilderberger-CIA-Mossad-MI5 ops group commits false flags in USA; UK; Spain; Norway; Sweden; Denmark; Canada; France and others. Ole Dammegard has worn many hats along his journey; author, journalist, musician, artist, web designer, Raja Yoga teacher, adventurer, tour guide, composer are just some of them. He was born in Denmark and grew up in Sweden and he now lives in Spain where he continues his research into false flags, shadow governments and the ruling elite of this crazy reality we live in.

Ole Dammegard uncovering more details of this false flag and possible sacrificial ritual that may have been used to encourage Norway not to leave the EU. Ole goes into remarkable detail about this tragic series of errors resulting in numerous deaths and countless injuries. He also relates that some of the people that he met on his trip are tired of being used as patsies in these incessant false flag operations. Among them were members of Biker gangs who feel that they also have been used and abused in this way and want this type of nefarious activity to stop.

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