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NutriMedicalReport Fri 21stMay21 H2 ModernaPoisons WorldAgenda21Rescue
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NutriMedical Report
Published 4 months ago |
Josh Bernstein Review of Moderna Toxins and Poisons for Depopulation of World, Israel 90 Percent and America Now 50 Percent Genotoxically Injected with Need for Rescue EduCaps First Line of Defense and Vaccine Pre and Post Rescue Protocols, Trump after AZ and Now GA Audits, Return Trump after Writ of Quo Warranto Expect August 2021, Michelle Deagle and Dr Bill Deagle MD, Answers to Vaccine Dangers and Rescue and First Line of Defense, Protocols for many illness, Consults Free with Dr Bill and Video Record of Consult Sent, Memorial Sale Next Friday to Monday after weekend, EduCap and Vaccine Pre and Post Rescue Protocols NOW, Vaccine Pre and Post and labs Imaging Evaluations, Need Funding EduCap ASAP, EduCap Sign Up, Vaccine Pre and Post Rescue mRNA DNA Removal, Expansion of Program, Indian Super Strain COVID21i Super Strain Reactor VaXXed People Push Mutations, Need EduCap Funding for More Bioreactors and Staff Materials,
DEFEAT BIDEN GLOBALISTSDr Bill Deagle MDGary Richard ArnoldJohn W SpringNO CCP INVASIONTrump 2020Trump ProphecyTrump Samuel CouncilTrump Saves AmericaTrump Superman

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