And We Know 1.5.2024 Who had USSS code name EAGLE? Demonics exposed, Epst@in, 36, Maxwell, DERSH, Pray!
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LT of And We Know

January 5, 2024

Names from depositions have been dropping and flooding social media the past few days. You probably have been watching this all unfold and ready to unravel some connections to our comms boards and more. There is so much to cover. We will unpack as much as possible, and simply use this video today as another marker of things we have already covered in the past… but need the reminder… this is a fight for children who have lost their lives to these satanists. Let’s Go.

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Scotty Films shows Haiti

Grasshopper comms

President Trump’s attorney Alina Habba calls Bill Clinton a pedophile💥

Listen closely to what Epstein's lawyer told Ingraham in 2019 and you'll finally realize the truth.

Just a reminder that the world leaders who were most vocal about American politicians engaging in pedophilia, were Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.

Work Hard

Is it any coincidence that within hours of Trump exposing the largest voter fraud operation in history, they unseal the Epstein court docs?



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