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26 MILLION Vax INJURIES in 2022. 13 Sigma Event. Ed Dowd.
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Published a year ago

2022 Vax Injury Numbers.  Vax Injuries 13 Standard Deviations Above Trend in 2022. 

Ed Dowd: Twitter Thread on VAIDS. Mar 28, 2023. VaxJab = Suppressed Immune System.

Estimated 2022 US Vaccine Damage Report.

Estimated Human Cost: 26 Million Injuries, 1.3 Million Disabilities, 300k excess deaths.

Estimated Economic Cost: Total: $147 BILLION. $89 BILLION in injuries. $52 BILLION in disabilities. $5 BILLION in excess deaths.

FULL SHOW. Flyover Conservatives. The Data Tells Us It's GOING TO GET STRANGE Over Next 3-5 Years - Edward Dowd | Flyover Clips. April 6, 2023.

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