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COVID-19 Spike Proteins Denatured with Chlorine Dioxide (CLO2)
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Published 3 years ago
[Forwarded from A J R]
8 May 2021

"Nice! (video clip above)

People now are very interested in ways to protect themselves against this spike protein 'shedding'. (Secondary infection from a CV 'vaccinated' person to a non-CV vaccinated person)

Dr. Mikovitz = Suramin, Dr. Tenpenny = Ivermectin. Dr. Palevsky calls Covid 19 poisoning of the blood which the Salk study confirms it as a vascular issue and what Dr. Kalcker has been saying since the start of the pandemic, that the problem is in the blood's inability to take in oxygen, not a problem with lungs.

We now know the culprit, its those spike proteins.

My understanding is that both Suramin and Ivermectin merely block these spike proteins, unlike Chlorine Dioxide (CD) which actually denatures/neutralizes them.

Between these 'weapons of choice', I will choose CD anytime.

In the blood where this will happen, CD provides an extra bonus of super oxygenating the blood which provides another boost for our immune system particularly on a cellular level as it 'energizes' the mitochondria and protects it from further damage. This can't be done by Suramin nor IVM.

No wonder many people that got Covid are still suffering from long-term effects like fatigue; their mitochondrias are damaged/weakened. Protect and repair...

Give 'em Chlorine Dioxide!!!.... Cheers!"
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