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Top Secret: The New Term "Vaccine Breakthrough" is Code For 'The Vaccine is the Variant Virus'
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Global Agenda
Published 8 months ago |
Dr. Vernon Coleman, Dr. Simone Gold and several other medical experts have stated lately that the COVID virus 'variants' are mutating especially faster in the lungs and bodies of people that have already been vaccinated with one of the Coronavirus vaccines. The fear is that because there were no long term studies and testing on the vaccines and humans that the vaccine may actually aid the virus in mutating faster then a normal virus thus bringing on the new found theory that the 'vaccine is the new virus'. Many people who have had the first and second shot of the vaccine are actually getting sick and becoming hospitalized quickly once they come in contact with the virus. Now we are seeing Johnson and Johnson having troubles with their new vaccine and millions being thrown away for bad 'ingredients' and of those that have taking the vaccine many are having bad side effects. The new term that we have to start watching out for is 'Vaccine Breakthrough'. The two words sound very positive, but in reality they mean the opposite of good, in fact they are covertly telling us that the VACCINE is the VIRUS. To be continued...

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