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~lotus: justice and William Wagener discuss the original 13th Titles of Nobility Amendment
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lotus: justice for Maddly Arts
Published on Jul 26, 2016
This video is a repost of an interview I did with William Wagener concerning the lawfully ratified original 13th Titles of Nobility Amendment. Great discussion....some interferences but we got it done...

This video is posted here for educational purposes only as it has copyright. However, I reserve all rights to its use as it is my intellectual property. Still I have posted both the direct link and the link to William Wagener's channel which I highly suggest you visit as he is well informed and has been doing interviews for years on such topics. I feel blessed that he asked to interview me.
Which btw...I am open for interviews or lecture offers and charge nothing to speak of my truths...only requesting assistance of travel accommodations and venue fees.
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William Wagner:

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