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Big Bang Theory vs Bible Timeline Chart - Short
Published 3 years ago
The Big Bang Theory Timeline and the Bible Timeline are not compatible!

The Big Bang Theory has the sun created before the earth; and the Bible timeline has the earth created before the sun.

Also, Moses confirms six 24-hour days of creation (see Exodus 20:1, 11, 8-10). The Big Bang Theory is not compatible with Genesis and is an attempt to explain creation without intelligent design (first ‘nothing existed’ and then ‘nothing exploded’). The Big Bang Theory injects billions of years and has the sun existing before the earth, but the Bible says the earth and plants were first and then the Sun was created, so the chronologies (timelines) are not compatible. (see the ‘Big Bang Theory vs Bible Timeline Chart’).

In addition, until Adam and Eve sinned, there was no death in the world since death is the punishment for sin. Not having death until the fall of Adam and Eve is incompatible with the two intertwined theories of the Big Bang Theory and Evolution Theory. Death entered the world because of and after Adam’s sin (see Genesis 3, Romans 5:12-15). Darwin’s Theory of Evolution is not compatible with the biblical account of a single-real-first-Man married to a single-real-first-Woman created by God. Evolution Theory is not to be confused with the recognized ‘Natural Selection’ process. Evolution Theory and Natural Selection are not the same thing.

Direct link to download the PDF version of 'Big Bang Theory vs Bible Timeline Chart':

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See for full details and much more information on a large variety of topics.

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