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Published 3 months ago |

Midterm Chaos

* We still have no idea who won in AZ.

* Time to demand apologies from election officials.

* Getting election results shouldn’t be this hard.

* News media: this is completely normal; calm down!

* The left benefits from this havoc and mayhem.

* FL has learned from their past problems; every state should handle elections like Florida.

* Nothing destroys confidence in democracy faster than delays in counting votes.

* America’s system is an embarrassment.

* You would call these delays third-world, but it’s beneath that.

* Most third-world countries require voter ID and don’t wait days for election results; they tally their ballots within hours.

‘Game The System’

* We ought to demand that every state games their system.

* We ought to demand that every election in America looks like Florida’s — not in its outcome, but in the way it’s conducted.

* Only registered voters can vote; they must vote in their own names; they can only vote once; and you (the citizens who own and run this country) get to know the results within hours.

* Anything less than that is an actual attack on democracy.

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Tucker Carlson Tonight | 10 November 2022

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