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Candidate #Trump's #Breakthrough ~ Here's how it Ends for the #CoupCabal! ~ A #MusicalMeme
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RAW Q Boswin Musical Memes
Published a year ago |
This was my first Q Drop inspired Meme...
I know, I know... Art and politics should never mix, but it is my firm belief that we (humanity) are on the verge of a #GreatAwakening, and the charge is being led by people like #Trump and #Flynn ans #Sessions. It is more of a spiritual event using politics as a vessel to cleanse the Evil from our world, than a simple political conflict.

There is an evil in this world, involved in all manners of criminality, including #HumanTrafficing, which is about to be wiped off the face of the earth by Trump and Company. This video is a tribute to President Donald J Trump, his Family, General Flynn, and all of the brave men and women in the Armed Forces and BRAVER #ANONS on 8chan etc. I, myself, have chosen to contributet hrough MEME making and now this "EXTENDED MEME".
trumppoliticsqanondrain the swamppizzagateswampobamagateelection fraud

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