Mark Attwood: Sage advice for the New Year
13 views • 01/04/2023

Mark is a lifelong spiritual truth-seeker, entrepreneur, author, patriot and free sovereign human that entered this dimension in England, 1969.

He resigned from the RAF whilst under training as a pilot in 1989 when he first realized there was something very wrong with our system and started to awaken from his deeply brainwashed state.

He studied Economics for 5 years where nobody even once ever mentioned the fractional reserve banking system.

He has been a poet, a stand-up comic, theatre company actor, producer, director and writer, a journalist, a digital marketing entrepreneur, author, publisher and teacher. He has five children and has lived in four countries (so far).

During his own long dark night of the soul, where God beat him repeatedly around the face with a big wet fish until he finally started listening, he was guided to create the Mark Attwood Show: Adventures in a Cosmic Suit.

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