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Karen Kingston’s Perspective – Are We Done Ignoring Evil?
Published 4 months ago

Karen Kingston is a Biotech Analyst and med-legal advisor with the expertise required to provide citizens with the evidence and words to understand and articulate the COVID-19 crimes committed against them with mRNA injections under the guise of public health safety and national security.

Unlike other legal and medical experts, Kingston understands the EUA and ‘vaccine’ med-legal landscape, its loop holes, and where Pfizer forfeited their alleged iron-clad immunity so that the Big pharma giant can be criminally prosecuted and convicted, as well as sued.


Links for this episode:

Powerpoint -

Vast Armies Of Satanic Beings Arranged In Battle Order Against Us | Derek Prince

The Term ‘mRNA Vaccine’ is a Red Herring

Rudolph Steiner's Wisdom from 1917

"Breaking News" Pfizer is Liable for the Injury, Diseases and Deaths Caused by their mRNA Injections and They Need to Be Taken off the Market


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