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Diabetes Control Tips. How to Control Diabetes in Life. Doctor Advise.
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Diabetes Control Tips. How to Control Diabetes in Life. Doctor Advise.

Hi everyone i'm, dr ahmet ergin. Today i've, got 10 tips to make diabetes, fun; no, wait! Sorry, manageable, [, Music, ]! Let's face it. Diabetes is no fun at all. It's. A bummer. Finding out that you have diabetes is like finding out that your sister-in-law is coming to visit you and then live with you permanently it doesn't mean you cannot live a mostly normal life, but you're, going to have to do A few things differently, i don't understand why i cannot keep my shirt off in my own house.

Linda here are 10 tips that will help you control your sister-in-law. I mean diabetes. Number one know your numbers, your blood sugar numbers are some of the most important numbers that you need to know in your life, on par with your social security number and your online banking pin seriously.

You cannot just keep resetting that you're, going to have to write it down somewhere. Eventually, continuous glucose monitoring systems like dexcom or libre, can be a big help when it comes to keeping tabs on your blood sugar by the way that's, not sponsored at all.

Knowing when it's too high or too low, gives you the power to correct your blood sugar quickly that's kind of how you watch your kids in the store to prevent this from happening. Google cards monitoring can also help.

You see patterns of how your blood sugars are changing over time. The data can give you or help you determine whether you might need to make some changes in your lifestyle, and we will talk about that after a few minutes number two time your tests right.

What do you? What do i mean by that? If you're using a cgm which is continuous glucose monitoring system, you should be testing your blood sugar with finger sticks at least one to three times a day, depending on your medications.

The best time to test is after a meal, although i highly recommend knowing your passing blood sugars, because your blood sugars will change drastically in between meals, before meals, after meals etc.

As an added benefit. The dread of blinding pain in your fingertip can help you prevent from eating, which is a great weight loss strategy. Just kidding just do your finger, sticks right and you'll, be okay.

Number three keep a good record. Testing alone is not enough. You have to keep your numbers somewhere too somewhere. Besides, the back of your hand, miss school is over bro, as i mentioned earlier. You want to be able to see the larger patterns that tell a story about your glucose levels.

For instance, you might eventually see the evidence that you need to stop going to that health price margarita night, although the video of you doing terrible karaoke, should have already told you that don't, be a clown write your numbers down or you can Throw out your pencil stop living in the 90s and download my sugar md's, app the link below, in addition to logging, your blood sugar data, the app lets.

You record your diet, your workouts. Even your mood number four don't overlook your blood pressure and your cholesterol. Patients with diabetes are also at high risk for heart attacks and strokes. You know that you have to find ways to keep your blood pressure and cholesterol under control.

The magic number for blood pressure is 120 over 70.. If you can't stay close to that. That's great, that's cool, but anything about 140. Over 90 means you are kind of in hypertension, 160 over 100 puts you in the dangerous yosemite sem territory.

As far as your cholesterol goes, you want to avoid letting your ldl rise about 100. Women should aim to keep their hdl above 60, while men should keep their hdl above 50.. Hdl does not mean honeydew list refers to your cholesterol.

Number five make better food choices, a healthy eating and your habits can be difficult to change. But if you do it can help your diabetes management a lot easier. This doesn't mean you have to go all out and stop eating everything.

Just start with some simple changes: you can stick to like eating more vegetables and stealing fever. Raisins cups. From your kid from your kids, halloween candy stash. Another great option for diabetics is mediterranean eating is delicious and can even help.

You reduce the risk of other chronic diseases. Now, if you're into that click in the link below to learn more about the mediterranean, eating from this handsome devil number, six exercise regularly keep up, get up and move no, no right, not right! Now just finish watching the video first and then get up and move or hey do more.

If you find yourself a great endocrinologist and follow these tips, diabetes won't impact your life any more than a slightly annoying coworker. You know what i'm talking about thanks for watching everyone.

Thank you. If you like, what you just saw make sure to hit the subscribe button for more great content or just don't, i will never know either ways bye,
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