Atheist Drug Adict Has a Near Death Experience That Convinced She Was Not A Victim
248 views • 04/10/2023

source: She suddenly realized that she is a spiritual being having a physical experience.

Has your breath and heart ever stopped for a while and your body became cold when you consciously felt the loving acceptance from God and/or entities you met in a Near-Death-Experience(NDE)? The death experience is customized based upon your beliefs. You will meet some of God's entities who are your Source-Self's cherished friends and associates from other incarnations or life-times, possibly even deeper into other dimensions.
Nancy did not have the typical religious dogma so the loving entities did not play any religious dramas like a tunnel towards a light(which is a luciferian belief as well with the "Lucifer the Light Bearer"... you see.
I find Nancy's experience more to the real un-dogmatic NDE.
Yes, she still realized her true spiritual-foundations as a result and she has kept the religious dogma out of her current life, it seems.

The Creator-God has sent more messengers into our physical multidimensional universe... The messenger that makes the most sense of these NDEs is Seth:
Seth on Reincarnational Relationships:
The Meaning Of Religion:

Physical reality is spiritually based and religions are designed(by Homo capensis) to take advantage of people's intuition that humanity has a spiritual foundation... they use religion for their own purpose as the psychologically herd people using beliefs. Typical religious dogma is not for your individual purpose, you are herded and that is why the Altar of St. Peters in the Vatican has symbolism of a sheep within it. Homo capensis enjoys making "complex" artwork, but that is another story for another time. Just realize that most religions are designed to psychologically herd sheople into conformity.

But deeper than religion, the Creator-God customizes your personal physical reality somewhat for your own beliefs and desires while lovingly allowing your beliefs to become more and more complex as you expand your concepts and your soul-fragment.
If all you want to believe in is the spirituality found in your religion's teachings, then that will somewhat contain your spiritual expansion.

These people who are enthralled by their NDEs have had very real experiences... mine impacted me to the point that a nurse asked my why my closed eyes were tearing... this was while laying in bed after leaving my loving, spiritual-friends during that NDE. My body had to shiver itself back up to normal operating temperature after coming back. Felt nice that the nurses put those warm towels on my body... the experience might be more common that we all think, but my body was starving for oxygen, too.

The main thing to understand from Messenger-Seth is that loving people experience a loving life with others, hateful people will draw towards them hateful experiences. From your own point of reference, the Creator-God does not over-do this. You often die in other probable worlds, but your main probable time-line will keep you close to your own beliefs and desires. You are a spiritual entity having a physical experience as an individual incarnation. The time that you are currently living in is one of the most demanding for all your OverSoul's incarnations because the Luciferians and Freemasons are collectively brainchipped and brainwashed to exterminate the sheople and then to eradicate themselves with their silly mind-upload falsehoods that do not work. Homo sapiens can easily go extinct if you choose to go along with the Luciferians to get along with them. If you are determined to save your species then God will be on your side to help you... reality will mold around your beliefs and desires... Seth says: "You create your own reality." This is what he/it means by saying that. Christians who seek doom or rapture are in for a world of hurt.

As you expand your concepts of physical and spiritual reality, you are just given enough to begin realizing that you create your own experiences through your own beliefs and desires and that which you concentrate upon, but this is so magically incorporated into physical reality that you can easily think your life is at the whims of the winds of other things.
The more knowledge that you acquire in this life makes you more prepared for future events in this life and for your afterlife. The death-experience is not what is typically taught in current society, unfortunately, the Mystery School Cult sheepdogs, psychologically herd the sheople for their ancient sheepherders(Homo capensis) using both science and most religions.

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