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Published 2 years ago
SOME OF US KNEW from the beginning, some of us ignored the obvious but later their common sense made them look for answers and they found them. Some of us watch the brainwashing by ALL DEEP STATE CONTROLLED MEDIA and will likely be led to their deaths by the enemy. I believe in my heart that God expects us (the first group) to love you and fight for those unable to fight for themselves. If this (mirrored) clip does not open your eyes, nothing will. Your already lost to us and are being culled like a herd of sheep. God Speed As we put our head down and charge into this storm, we know that losing is not an option. Good will conquer evil but victory is only achieved by those willing to fight and sacrifice our comfort. We will have many loses, millions will die from the "vaccines", used to poison us and the evil MSM that pushes it. Those that do not comply have a chance to survive and win this war but many will be lost because they have been brainwashed by the communist main stream media. WE cannot allow the evils like human trafficking, organ harvesting, and a myriad of other tyrannical oppressions to remain . This IS the plague that revelations in your Bible speaks of. "Divide and Conquer" is a powerful tool. THIS IS OUR FIGHT, THIS IS YOUR FIGHT. WE MUST UNITE. Godspeed to all.

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