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Cory - Nature Is The Answer
Published 5 months ago |
What's YOUR Cause To Action (Effect)?
If you had to choose an alternative to the one agenda of control through way of the methodology of divide and conquer and other schemes, what would it be? Perhaps it would be a form of decentralized government and self-control as opposed to government & mass control, whereas there is unity and guidance as opposed to divide and conquer. As for what it stands, most of the "freedom community" does not have a firm standing with even simply one another when it comes to providing an alternative to the agenda itself, not simply the information. If most can simply agree upon freedom and simple truths and needs, why isn’t this used as a firm unifying ground? Do we always need to be “right”? Do people often complain about how people must get together or how there must be change, however forgetting that they can actively be the change and that they can do so now within their own lives? Do we put the effort and care into something greater than ourselves, that our ancestors would be proud of, being that they live within us and brought you to where you are now? If we are all innately unique, can we all unite around simply such ideas? Instead of using others for our own ego and power or staying within our own echo-chambers, can we bring others up with us and toward the truth? Do we fix our act, by crowding out the bad by adding and utilizing in the good? Is the state of the world our fault, ultimately? Is truth, authority itself? Is authority acting as truth? Can we save humanity through awareness, before we experience harm (prevention)? Is there a grounding foundation we may all come together upon, that is universal, eternal, innate, practical, natural, generational and least-invasive? Is our simple needs being compromised, such as food, water, love, family, tradition, ancestry, morality and freedom? What would happen if you did not tell the truth that nobody else saw? Do all people’s messages deserve to be shared and with reason (which all things are also created with a reason of their own)? Is all aspects and levels of life being compromised in someway? Are we questioning what would have previously never been questioned (ex. gender)? Are there distractions and focuses on the symptoms of the problems, with collectivist mindsets telling people ‘what to think’ instead of ‘how to think’? If any “alternative” arises like there has been (multiple different video sites, medicines and platforms), what happens when there exists many, and how does it relate to unity and direction? If there exists one mainstream narrative and agenda among all the different alternatives, will they still continue to control and steamroll ahead? Is there rooted control of the mind (therefore disconnecting the heart), with the belief system and dependence focused on left and right brain imbalance among other imbalances? Can “movements” be turned into contributing fooling-factors to the opposing agenda? Given making awareness online, can there become action and awareness in real life? If technology is seen as a potential future threat and censorship is growing, is it being primarily used and focused upon within the freedom community which ironically criticizes technology and is censored from such? If the internet is a tool to help us in real life, wouldn’t more focus on change & rooted placement in-real life, help us never be utmost defeated from censorship while getting out to more people who perhaps need the information the most? It may then get out to those who don’t use the internet, who are perhaps older with wisdom, for information that should be passed from generation to generation. If technology is becoming much alike real life in becoming our life, will we know the difference? If you want to make a difference, are you making the difference between the one agenda and the contrary, or the real life versus the illusion? Perhaps it is the most impactful “things” which aren’t “things” that can be the hardest to understand? Is there a dominion of science and wanting to make life convenient or otherwise easy, yet at the same time making life harder and forgetting what is of nature or natural to life? Do we understand if any and all government is innately immoral due to the 0ccuIt natural law and how we would apply such laws to our day to day life (as well as in circulation from generation to generation)? (Read More At )
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