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NWO: Vatican's 'common good', unity with the Protestants & the mark of the beast
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Published 7 months ago |
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In its catechism, the Vatican says in item no. 2175, Sunday is expressly distinguished from the sabbath which it follows chronologically every week; for Christians its ceremonial observance replaces that of the sabbath. Item no. 2188 of the Vatican’s catechism says, In respecting religious liberty and the common good of all, Christians should seek recognition of Sundays and the Church's holy days as legal holidays. A link to the Vatican’s catechism including items 2175 and 2188 will be provided in the comments’ section of this video:

The Vatican, which is the beast or kingdom that rises out of the sea in Revelation 13, says that the common good of all is to observe Sunday! Isn’t that what the union leader and mayor of the city of Guelph also mentioned? In its catechism, the Vatican beast admits that Sunday replaces God’s holy 7th day Sabbath, yet the Bible shows no change in the Sabbath commandment from the 7th day of the week to the first. The Vatican admits this in its following statement: "Sunday is a Catholic institution and its claim to observance can be defended only on Catholic principles...From beginning to end of Scripture there is not a single passage that warrants the transfer of weekly public worship from the last day of the week to the first." — Catholic Press, Sydney, Australia, August, 1900.

The popes of the Vatican beast also said the following statements about Sunday worship.

Saturday is "no longer" the worship day of God, only on Sunday can we become part of the body of Christ in the world, only by worshiping on Sunday can we avoid "egoistic isolation" and instead be united "in a great community...a universal community" becoming "related to everyone in the world." (Meeting with Diocesan Clergy of Aosta, Address of Pope Benedict XVI, Parish Church at Introd (Aosta Valley), Monday, July 25, 2005.).

In his statement, Pope Benedict XVI lied by saying that the 7th day of week is no longer the worship day of God when Exodus 20:8-11 says otherwise. He is asking for Sunday worship for the world.

Further, pope Benedict XVI added in 2006, Sunday is a day of rest for all workers. (Address of Pope Benedict XVI to the Italian Christian Workers' Associations (A.C.L.I.), Clementine Hall, Friday, January 27, 2006.) And now you have union leaders like Mr. Roething who are demanding for a work-free Sunday! Mr. Roething is echoing the Vatican beast’s demand for a work-free Sunday. The Vatican beast also says, “Sunday is our MARK of authority […] The church is above the Bible, and this transference of Sabbath observance is proof of that fact”. — Catholic Record of London, Ontario. Sept. 1, 1923.

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