And We Know 12.20.2023 Epstein LIST coming Starlink, Colorado FAIL, Immigration surge, Higgins/J6/LARA, Pray!
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LT of And We Know

Dec 20, 2023

Hope you are having a wonderful week leading into Christmas and the New Year. Hard to believe we are almost into 2024. The Epste.īn list looks like it might be revealed soon, J6 information is flowing and those involved trying to save themselves are losing out. Colorado tried and they will fail to put Trump off the ballots, adding more fuel to his campaign and future. The comms are off the charts. Let’s go.

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WATCH: Liz Cheney says she agrees with Trump on 93% of policy issues, but she's against him because he's a threat to the country, the republic, and the U.S. constitution

The Democrat mayor of Chicago ran on a platform promising he'd make the city a home for the illegal criminals streaming across our border.

Most important short clip of the decade - beautifully illustrating our descent into Pharma/WEF tyranny -

Looking back now, I hope everybody is coming to understand fully just HOW MUCH of a disaster this was for all their plans.

Starlink is the Black Eye that protects our internet, power grid and other critical infrastructure.

Kash Patel:

"Shut down the Hoover building immediately. I think you open it up the next day as a museum of the deep state.

Kash Patel says the FBI has Jeffrey Epstein's little black book and that Trump should release every name on day one of his next administration. He wants to see a continuous declass post 2024. They have it all. 👀

For the past 3 years, crooked Joe Biden and the ultra-radical left Democratic extremists in Congress have turned America into a haven for bloodthirsty criminals.. - President Donald J. Trump

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