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Unknown materials found in COVID vaccines: Are they altering human DNA?
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Published 2 years ago
ORWELL CITY - October 04, 2021

La Quinta Columna continues with its advances and findings on the COVID-19 vaccination vials.

A few hours ago, La Quinta Columna shared a video the team of researchers with whom they have been working together all this time has provided them.

Being very close to the day when the final report of the analysis of the Pfizer vials will be published, the researchers are preparing the way by sharing this valuable material program after program.

It is worth noting that, in this installment, La Quinta Columna showed special concern for the unknown materials found in the vaccine and how they could be influencing human genetics.

The birth of the so-called 'black-eyed children' has caught everybody's attention lately since they show very particular traits divergent behaviors from those of a child whose parents were not inoculated before conceiving them.

Dr. José Luis Sevillano and Ricardo Delgado have made a call to the community that follows them in their networks to share more of the videos of these babies, since, if this is true, we would be facing something never seen before in the history of mankind. Something very worrying.

The above video that Orwell City brings to English, includes the comments and analysis by La Quinta Columna plus the video with the observable unknown materials under optical microscopy the team shared today.
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