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Professor Curtis, O.G.
Published 5 months ago |
***Special thanks to Lady, Lady, in Louisiana for all of your assistance! Heads up family! The Democrat party could implode on itself before the election. Stories are being released on the internet about Joe and Hunter Biden, that are so heavy, that even the discussion of these stories has led to many longtime YouTubers being expelled from YouTube, straight-up. SGT Report and the X22 Report are on YouTubes new list of the damned; YOUTUBE PURGE LIST - LATEST 10/15/20 List as of the moment; Destroying the Illusion, Redpill78, PrayingMedicJoe M, IPOT, X22 Report, Edge of Wonder, SGT Report, Spaceshot76, WokeSocieties, Amazing Polly, Truth & Art TV, PatriotsSoapbox, Dustin Nemos, InTheMatrixxx, AndWeKnow, Stroppy Me, JustInformed Talk, and Sarah Westall. ALL EYES ON HUNTER BIDEN! These are the links that I promised you, in the video;

1) Melania Trump said she chose to go 'a more natural route,' relying on 'vitamins and healthy food' to treat her COVID-19 LINK:

2) Johnson and Johnson have suspended testing of their virus drug because of "Negative Reactions". This could many anything, and Johnson and Johnson did not specify as to what the "reaction" was. J&J Pauses Coronavirus Vaccine Trial:;guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly91cy5zZWFyY2gueWFob28uY29tL3locy9zZWFyY2g_aHNwYXJ0PWltYWdlYWR2YW4maHNpbXA9eWhzLWltYWdlYWR2YW5fMDAxJnA9am9obnNvbiUyMGFuZCUyMGpvaG5zb24lMjB2YWNjaW5lJnR5cGU9MTc1X2JjMDAxXzE3NV9leHQwMDIwX2Jj&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAAEcA8wR2uqx4tGarowginRJnBMZZDU3vqi4QcOdSZCz18ksNngIeCwx7tCplVCnkB-iZbgomy93mwvu3q-jCvv7jmJ9l6c5vU2eVrSc__lvjPn2milBKTwMlK9si4MUDr-6TuLQmqAdcpIgiZqZkV6RxCfk9-gEkCXjr9W3RZtdK

3) ICE AGE FARMER; Food shortages are planned! AGRICULTURAL TERROR: New Zealand Blocks Farm-workers, Leaves Crops to Rot. (Same in California, Arizona, Oregon, & Washington State. What will folks eat?!) LINK:

4) SECOND LOCK-DOWN, UNLIKELY The World Health Organization has concluded that that the Lock-Downs make the poor, poorer! Link;

Time is short, only 15 days until Halloween, then what? Either there will be riots, or there won't. I am preparing for the Shit to hit the fan, and for unstable situations for months to come, and I hope you are too. No matter what happens, this financial reset / Covid-disaster is far from over. Please comment, I am very interested in your opinion on this subject. ~ Prof.Join me on Twitter; Urban Treasure Hunters @ProfCurtisFre #professorcurtis ~ Financial donations can be accepted through PayPal at; [email protected] Thank you! (My website) Visit and share with me here. Email me at; [email protected] Thank you!
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