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ReadiMask Particulate Respirator Instructions
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Published 2 months ago |
Every Breath Matters!

Revolutionizing the mask industry, the ReadiMask™ Face Mask is the only adhesive sealing full face mask with anti-fog eye shield designed to conform to your face to provide protection against current and emerging particulate respiratory threats.

DEVELOPED WITH PROFESSIONALS IN MIND: Ideal for first responders like law enforcement, corrections, military personnel, fire and rescue, etc.

SAFE AND EASY TO ATTACH TO YOUR FACE: Hypoallergenic medical adhesive effectively seals the mask to your face for improved protection

DESIGNED TO FIT EVERY TIME: Easier to use than traditional masks
• NO painful elastic straps
• NO bulky metal nose clip—enhances user comfort and field of view

EASY TO BREATH: Space age filter media reduces breathing resistance

EASY TO CARRY: Flat configuration makes it easy to stow in cargo pocket, tac vest, or go bag

Substantially reduces exposure to pepper spray, bacteria, radioactive particulates, spores similar to anthrax, bio-terrorism, bloodborne pathogens, viruses, smoke particulates, hazardous particulates & pollution, spit & bodily fluids, mold, asbestos, dust, debris etc.

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