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The Gaming Health Revolution | Dr. Kanojia & HealthyGamerGG Tribute
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Cory - Nature Is The Answer
Published 3 years ago |
(Short Version) Technology and Gaming is rising, but do you know what it's doing to you?
Includes Twitch Emotes. Please feel free to send and share this video for LiveStreamFails, Reddit And Streamers.
I wrote the script before finding the footage, and I love how Dr. K can actually relate with the rising movement of health coaching and my thoughts on technology, multiple realities etc. He's given me great inspiration and insight to know more! Props to his movement, he is creating great change, a great inspiration for everyone!
Book for mental health with lifestyle & nutrition-
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Dr. Alok Kanojia is a Harvard trained psychiatrist, follow his work here (VIDEO CLIPS FROM, I encourage to watch them in full here):
By Cory Edmund Endrulat, INHC - Specializing in the arts of understanding healing from nature using different forms of arts (video, poetic, coaching, lectures, podcasts, writings), being part of the integrative nutrition health coaching revolution in medicine, for branching different perspectives and manifesting the body’s innate healing blueprint, whilst promoting innate truths within the universe’s innate blueprint to life. He long researched nutrition, health and ingredients alike since the age of 11-13, unexpectedly finding his passion among the great amount of discoveries midst the confusion and hardships in society. He is the founder of and “Nature Is The Answer” video content (On YouTube, Brighteon & Bitchute) but is also the leader of the MJA Healthcare Nutrition Dept. In Pennsylvania alongside his sister and connecting to different practitioners. He also created several documentaries and mini-documentaries, hosts a “Latest Health News” daily-to-weekly show, writes for NaturalN3wsBlogs, distributor of Young3vity and affiliate of the Health Rang3r Store.
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