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Proof of Pyramid Power (piezoelectricity)
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Ghost of Ruth Drown
Published a year ago |
Mirroring this guy's video from YT. The pyramid he uses could have magnets in it that churn the water. So, the pyramid needs to be tested with a pyramid that is not a production orgone generator.

Also I want to submerge a copper rod pyramid and let it freeze so you can see not only below but the water inside and above also. I will post the result when I do it.

This was copied over from the original YT video from the creator:
"The pyramids in Egypt weren't tombs. They we're power plants. They produced low powered energy on a mass scale by using compressed crystal(quarts,granite) to create piezoelectric circuits which could be enhanced by sound, water and maybe heat.

This video uses a piezoelectric circuit, this ORGONE pyramid, which is quarts compressed in resin with copper, and a frozen cup of water it was placed upon to demonstrate the magneto-dielectric field it produces.

Undeniable proof that we can use circuits to provide energy through systems which may look pretty basic.

The megalithic Egyptians seemed to understand stone shaping, maneuvering, electricity, maybe magnetism, geolocation.

The experiment:

Nearly fill a cup of tap water
Put in freezer
Put ORGONE pyramid on top of cup until water is frozen
Look for field geometry shape(I'm this case an egg)

This egg is caused by dielectricity and magnetism at particular ratios over certain distances. This is creating an outline in ice of a field that exists which isn't visible but creates energy (thing electricity as well as magnetism). The hypothesis these results lead to is
The pyramids of Giza were used as a piezoelectric circuit. If someone created a small limestone circuit and proved its output, we may prove historians wrong!"
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